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About Us

Bear Technologies began in 2004. We are a father / daughter team that desires to provide large city services in small communities. Our business carries out computer repairs, business consulting and software installation and protection.  

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Heidi Harley

Office Manager

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Mike Weiskopf

Chief Technology Officer

History of Bear Technologies

We saw a need in our community to prevent ransomware and malware. We already had experience with some stuff, and we invested a lot in learning the field thoroughly. We have become experts in using AllWorx and ADTRAN Networking. We specialize in consulting, network design, ransomware and malware. computer, laptop, server, security, wifi, Computer repair

  • Business / IT Consultant
    As small business owners, we understand the challenges that small businesses face and technology is our specialty. We work with laptops, computers, servers and more to protect them from all forms of ransomware and malware. Wifi is our niche and we are experts in technology security.dd a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
    Is your laptop, computer, wifi, server and other business technology protected and secure? We can help you answer that questions with assurance and prevent any malware or ransomware from taking your focus off of your business. Our expert consulting is available to you today!
  • Network Design
    Running a small business can require intricate interworkings of many electronic devices. Making sure that they communicate and operate efficiently and safely is our expertise. Network design ransomware is a threat that you need to be protected against. Let your business technology security be our concern to keep your laptops, computers, wifi and servers in good repair.
  • VOIP Phone System Design
    Are you familiar with Adtran and Allworx VOIP phone systems? They can be a great help for communication in business. We want to keep your internet based business phone systems secure and operating effieiciently. We can expertly set up these phone systems, repair malware and ransomware problems when they arise, and help prevent such problems from recurring in the future.
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