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VOIP Phone System Design

Bear Technologies

Your Premium Designers for Internet
Operated Business Phone Networks

VOIP Phone System
Design and Maintenance

Specializing in helping small

business owners in Oregon. 

VOIP Phone Systems are commonly used for businesses. It helps to carry out phone calls using the internet. We specialize in the design and function of these systems. Some people have never heard of VOIP Phone Systems, let alone how to use or set one up. We can explain how they work, and effectively set them up to communicate with the desired people. Glitches with these systems are things that we can help to fix and we can explain and provide ways to keep these systems protected and working efficiently. Give us a call today to start a conversation!  

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We can design your VOIP Phone System to meet your individual small business needs


Connect and communicate with desired businesses and individuals with ease. 


We can successfully repair and prevent communication system errors. 


We are happy to help you add or change established systems as needed. 

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